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Vocational Assessment and Intervention Enhancement Project

The Project has been launched by the Fellowship since 2005 to enhance its vocational rehabilitation services. Occupational therapist conducts vocational assessment, job analysis, and pre-vocational skills training to enhance work-related motivation and capability of service users. Meanwhile, in order to promote holistic care and independence of service users, occupational therapist also provides physical rehabilitation, wellness and health promotion, chronic disease management program, cognitive training, social skill training, and domiciliary and community occupational therapy services to users in need.


This project is supported by The Community Chest



To facilitate the vocational training programs be more effective and efficient.



  1. To improve the intake screening exercise for people with mental illness who apply to admit into vocational rehabilitation services.
  2. To ensure people with mental illness who in need of vocational rehabilitation service are allocated to suitable training and work teams.
  3. To enhance the vocational training program of vocational rehabilitation services.
  4. To develop training templates to attain effective and efficient training result.


Services Provided

  • Vocational Screening Assessment
  • Individual Orientation Programme
  • Deliver On-site Assessment and Training
  • Developing and Conducting Vocational Training Packages
  • Health Promotion Training Programme
  • Physical Rehabilitation Programme
  • Chronic Disease Management Programme
  • Cognitive Health Monitoring Programme
  • Work Related Social Skills Training Programme
  • Domiciliary and Community Occupational Therapy Service


Who Can Apply

The applicant should be:

  1. Ex-mentally-ill person mainly (also available for people with other disabilities) aged 15 or above
  2. assessed by a referrer as suitable for vocational rehabilitation services


How To Apply

All applicants must be referred through social worker, medical officer or allied health practitioners by filling a referral form.

The applicant should be an active participant in the assessment process, and his/her family will be invited to attend an interview at the Centre for assessment.


Discharge of Withdrawal of Service

Users are free to apply for withdrawal of service at the application or entry stage and formal discharge will be arranged for users who have found open employment or other suitable service.



Free of charge


Office Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday


Contact Us

Occupational Therapist

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