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Wan Tsui House

Wan Tsui House aims to promote good community care practice in the field of mental health and provide support and rehabilitation services to people in recovery and those in emotional distress. The objectives of service are to facilitate service users to learn proper communication in living with others, promote service users for individual development to regain self-confidence, and provide skills training and enhance motivation necessary for independent living.

This year's theme was “Appreciation and Sports at Wan Tsui House”. To promote mutual support and harmonious atmosphere, our house continued “Wan Tsui Award Scheme” to encourage service users to participate in various house activities, doing exercise, and voluntary work. A wide range of small group activities like hiking, jogging, playing ping-pong, doing stretching exercise have been encouraged for service users, so as to contribute to an energetic and mutually supportive house atmosphere. These activities further enhanced physical and mental health in service users with more positive spirit. 



  1. To promote good community care practice in the field of mental health
  2. To provide support and rehabilitation services to people suffering from mental and emotional disturbance



  1. To provide skills training and motivation necessary for independent living;
  2. To facilitate service users to learn to communicate and live with others;
  3. To assist service users' individual development and to regain self-confidence.


Services Provided

  1. A therapeutic community environment with staff available at all times;
  2. Group and community activities Individual counselling;
  3. Living skills training;
  4. Learning to take the medication on schedule.



There are staff including registered social workers, nurse, rehabilitation workers, supportive staff, rehabilitation assistant & programme assistant and etc.


Who Can Apply

The applicant should be:

  • An ex-mentally ill person;
  • Aged 15 or above male or female;
  • Mentally stable and physically healthy;
  • Willing to participate in groups and community life;
  • In need of residential care and willing to receive the training in living skills and work aspect;
  • Not addicted to alcohol, drugs or gambling.


Length of Stay

The length of stay in the halfway house is about half to 2 years.


How To Apply

All applicants are referred by a social worker and enrolled in CRSRehab-ExMI System. An interview and assessment will be arranged for the applicant. We will also arrange the applicant to receive an assessment by Agency's psychiatrist in need. The referrer will be informed of the result in writing and the referrer will inform the result to the applicant.


Discharge or Withdrawal of Service

The discharge plan will be formulated which is according to service users' progress. Service users can make a request to leave the service upon the discussion with the case medical officer, medical social worker, family members and house's staff.



According to Social Welfare Department provision.



Service Unit  Wan Tsui House


Address G/F, Fu Tsui House, Wan Tsui Estate, Chai Wan, HK
Telephone (852) 2558 8449
Fax (852) 2558 3914