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Chairman’s Message

Dr. Peter Halliday

Dr. Peter Halliday

Thank you for visiting the website of the Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong.

I took over as chairman from Professor Petrus Ng in November of 2018. I foresaw that he would be a hard act to follow, and I was right. Petrus left a thriving, get-up-and-go organisation and it is an honour to be following in his footsteps. I am privileged to have a consummate professional, Dr. Estella Chan, as my deputy chairman.

The abject misery, nay scourge of mental illness has been with us since the dawn of human community and equally certain is that it will be with us until the end of time. I have been associated with Richmond Fellowship, ergo community mental health services for some 29 years. Nevertheless, even after this length of time I can only claim to be scratching the surface of understanding the suffering and hardship that mental illness brings to decent people, their families, their relatives and their friends, all of whom want nothing more than, simply, to enjoy a happy and productive life.

One thing that you, I, everyone can do to help – and it costs nothing – is to treat persons with mental illness with the same compassion, sensitivity and love as you do – or would – treat your sweetheart. I am asking you personally to do this.

Richmond Fellowship assists persons with mental illness in recovering as completely as they can from their maladies and the related stigma - being labelled as ‘mental’ (‘黐線’) - so that they can return wholly, if you will, to society. We call it ‘recovering citizenship’ ( ‘復元公民’ ). Our mental health professionals work long and hard, day and night, to achieve this objective and I salute them for it. The commitment and passion that they bring to their task never ceases to amaze me. Above all, they restore self-worth, dignity and hope to their charges. And the happiness and gaiety radiated by our staff is infectious. I see it in their faces every day. It is rather like looking at the sun.

Come and visit one of our facilities sometime and talk with our service users and staff. You will be more than welcome.


With best wishes,

Peter Halliday