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New Jade Manufacturing Centre

New Jade Manufacturing Centre has been established since 1991, located aside the shopping arcade of MTR Chai Wan station to carry out appropriate services for residents and customers in Chai Wan.

The Centre has developed into Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Service (IVRS) Centre since 2004, the production and training covers a variety of services, for example, assembling work, letter sorting or assorted packing; shrink wrap, and blister packing etc. The IVRS Centre aims to provide basic training to service users in order to enhance their self-confidence and problem-solving skills during daily training, thus preparing them for re-entry into the open employment market.






  1. To promote good community care practice in the field of mental health; 
  2. To provide support and rehabilitation services to people suffering from mental and emotional disturbance.



  1. To create a supportive working environment as close to open employment as possible;
  2. To increase self-esteem and enhance individual development;
  3. To enable users to learn to work and cooperate with others;
  4. To provide skills training and develop the motivation necessary for open employment;
  5. To provide long-term work placement when appropriate.


Services Provided

  1. A supportive working environment;
  2. Group activities and individual counseling;
  3. Job training.



Staff team includes a Coordinating Officer, Business Manager, Assistant Managers, Registered Social Worker, Occupational Therapist, Marketing assistant, Instructors, Clerical and Supportive staffs, a Driver and a Programme assistant.


Who Can Apply

  1. An ex-mentally-ill person (some places are also available for people who are mentally handicapped);
  2. Aged 15 or above, male or female;
  3. Assessed by a psychiatrist as suitable for admission to the Centre;
  4. Mentally stable / physically fit, and no severe distributing behaviours;
  5. Willing to work at the Centre and participate in Centre programmes;
  6. Not addicted to alcohol, drugs or gambling.


How to Apply

  1. All applicants must be referred through CRSRehab;
  2. The applicant should be an active participant in the admission process, and his/her family will be invited to attend an interview at the Centre for assessment;
  3. The appropriate applicant will be provided one month trial period.


Length of Stay

Regular assessment will be assigned to evaluate the length of stay for the user in the centre.


Discharge or Withdrawal of Service

User are free to apply for withdrawal of service at the application or entry stage;
The formal discharge will be arranged for users who have found open employment or other suitable services.





Office Hours

Monday - Friday:   9:00 a.m. - 5:45 p.m.
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays


Contact Us

New Jade Manufacturing Centre, Level 1, Block 6, New Jade Garden, 233 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong.

Tel: 2889 3275      
Fax: 2889 3121
Service Email: