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Clinical Psychology Service

Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong has been committed to providing one-stop community support and mental rehabilitation service for residents in the district. Since October 2018, Clinical Psychological Service was added for service users, their family members and caregivers of members of ALOHA (Wong Tai Sin) and ALOHA (Eastern). The service provides psychological assessment and support services to help users manage various emotional and behavioral problems and promote physical and mental health.



Service Area

  • Provide individual clinical assessments, services and treatments for people in need or families
  • Organize clinical groups and activities
  • Conduct seminars on mental health and psychological wellbeing
  • Provide professional training and clinical consultation services for co-workers



Service Beneficiaries

Service users, family members and caregivers of ALOHA (Wong Tai Sin) and ALOHA (Eastern).



Application Procedures

Referral by ALOHA case workers according to the needs of service users




Free of charge