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UK Study Tour

From seeking root of the past to rediscovering the future.

Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong has been serving in Hong Kong for forty years, experiencing numerous challenges along the way.  Upholding our mission, we have been striving to be at the forefront of mental health in order to safeguard the Hong Kong society and the public, promote mental health awareness, and restore close connections between individuals.

In August 2023, a team of 13 people, including executive committee members and staff members of the Fellowship, embarked on a journey to London and Oxford in the UK.  The purpose of the trip was to visit the founder and the headquarters of the UK office of the Fellowship, in order to retrace the steps of our establishment. Additionally, the team sought to gain insights into the current development of mental health services and social conditions in the UK for reference, so that we could pave the way for more innovative service concepts for Hong Kong.