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Director's Report

In the past year, the Fellowship encountered challenges and growth. Thanks to the cohesion and perseverance of all colleagues and Executive Committee (ExCo) members, with whose concentration and dedication qualified service provisions were maintained and spirits of mutual support was upheld to overcome difficulties in adversity. This made the Fellowship grow continuously. 

Network Different Resources for Community Mobilisation

The Fellowship valued stakeholders’ engagement including people in recovery, caregivers, volunteers, community members, district partners and business groups. Through activity participation and engagement, harmonious and inclusive social cultures were promoted. Last year, our volunteers had accumulated up to 460 rendering 9,848 service hours. Quite a number of people in recovery served in the role of volunteers in contribution and connection to the society which benefited them in their recovery journeys. They were not only the beneficiaries, but also were the participants and contributors, in the journey of co-advocacy.

Regularisation of Peer Support Service Instilling Hope for People in Recovery

Peer Support Service had just been regularised in government subvented service this year which affirmed the vital roles of peers in promotion of recovery. More importantly, they entered the social service sector accompanying other professionals and associate workers in service provision. In the past central administration coordinated and supported the operation of Peer Support Service. Such an arrangement facilitated synergies among service programmes and service units, as well as relieved the administrative burden in the individual unit. This could also pave the way for service units and peer colleagues moving ahead to regularisation operation with confidence, and for the future coherent system.

Establish Family Hotline Service by JUSTONE in Response to Service Need

With the generous support of the Chow Tai Fook Charitable Foundation by granting us HK$9 million, we launched a three-year project of JUSTONE Mental Health Linking Project for continuity in the development of 24-hour mental health support hotline and the newly setup of caregivers’ supporting hotline service. Last year, JUSTONE handled a total number of 46,412 calls and conducted community education promotion through social and online approaches recording more than 186,140 attendance. Vigorous demand of service reflected social recognition of the service. In the new phase, JUSTONE established Family Hotline Service, and the service provision was assisted by caregivers. Therefore, the service could better match the needs of caregivers making us walk together along the recovery journey and promote participation of the stakeholders.

Drive Services Forward in Service Research & Staff Training

The Fellowship well-utilised the Social Welfare Development Fund. Last year, total expenditure of HK$410,000 was allocated to complete two research projects namely “Exploration of Staff’s Attitude and Value in Service Users’ recovery within RFHK” and “Music Therapy to Enhance Person In Recovery (PIR)’s Mental Health, Well-Being and Social Network – an Effectiveness Study for 12 Months”. Meanwhile, total number of 852 attendance recorded from colleagues and they completed different types of courses in the scope of staff training and development counting expenditure of HK$190,000. Instructor training of “Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)” and “Mental Health First Aid Course” were arranged. We also sent staff to UK for the instructor training of “Mindfulness in Schools Project in UK” to match with the professionals’ development needs of the Fellowship.

Value Human Resources by Strengthening Communication & Team Building

The Fellowship adhered to the importance of continuous communication with various stakeholders. Staff as one of the stakeholders were encouraged to take their initiatives for constructive opinions expression for service development. In the past year, atmosphere of organisation teamwork was boosted through exchange of views and experiential activities in different platforms and retreat programmes.

Concluding Remarks

Looking back, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the partners of the Fellowship for their continuous and generous support, and colleagues for their dedication, so that the Fellowship could keep optimising operations and developing services. Let’s persist on our passions together to dedicate to the excellence of mental health service provision in the community.


Dr. FUNG Cheung Tim

Dr. FUNG Cheung Tim

Dr. FUNG Cheung Tim