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Richmond Welbiz Limited

Richmond Welbiz Limited (RWL) has started its business operations since 2001, aiming at the creation of employment opportunities and provision of a socially inclusive working environment for people in recovery. The services mainly provides  office cleansing and car embellishing services for governmental departments as well as private sectors. As of 31 March 2021, 198 people in recovery have been employed. Currently, We have 77 employees and 8 of them were nominated by our customers for "Good Working Performance Awards" this year. Not only has our service quality been recognised, but also our employees have improved their self-esteem and self-confidence.



A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong, is operational in 2003. The company's cleaning service was funded by the Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities through Small Enterprises. It is to employ disable people in order to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities to enjoy genuine employment in a carefully planned and integrated working environment.



  1. To promote good community care practice in the field of mental health;
  2. To provide an integrated working environment through running the business in order to increase the job opportunities for people with disabilities.



  1. To recruit disabled workers with skills in office and premise cleaning.
  2. To create an integrated working environment for the people with disabilities entering the society.
  3. To widen the vocational horizon of the disabled employed the cleaning industry.
  4. To enhance the employment opportunities for the people with disabilities in an open job market.
  5. To develop and strengthen the work competitiveness of the disabled.
  6. To help the disabled to gain skills to become self-employed in the field where possible in the long run.


Services Provided

We provide premises cleaning, office cleaning, overhaul cleaning for school during summer vacation breaks and car wash services etc. The key areas of cleaning will cover:

  • Window cleaning;
  • Floor waxing and re-waxing;
  • Carpet and floor mat cleaning;
  • General cleaning and vacuuming;
  • Post decoration or post renovation cleaning;
  • Yearly school overhaul cleaning;
  • Marble care and maintenance work;
  • Car wash and auto beauty service;
  • Simple pest control service;


Office Hour

Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:45pm

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays


Contact Us

Level 1, Block 6, New Jade Garden, 233 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Tel: 2889 3275

Fax: 2889 3121