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Richmond Health Farm

Richmond Health Farm Project had launched various activities, including horticulture workshops, organic farming courses, organic product workshops, visits and experiential farming programmes to community members, so as to enhance their mental wellness.



Richmond Health Farm is a 3-year mental health programme. It is supported by the Community Chest of Hong Kong and started in 2009. We promote mental health, organic farming and diet therapy.



We promote mental health to the community through organic farming and activities in a natural area.



  • To provide information and education on Chinese herb / organic planting and its usage
  • To raise the awareness of target participants on mental health so as to build up healthy life habits
  • To build up bonding between persons with ex-mental illness and participants so as to enhance social support and social inclusion
  • To provide pre-vocational training opportunities for persons with ex-mental illness


Service Target

Persons with ex-mental illness and the public






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Tel: 2478 6983