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‘Mission CIRCLE’ Project

Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong (RFHK) has been supporting people in recovery in developing spirit of self-help and mutual aid as from the period of Kapok ClubHouse - the predecessor of Richmond Fellowship Community Network (RFCN). RFCN has appointed RFHK to implement the ‘Mission CIRCLE’ project to co-construct a recovery friendly community.


Project period

March 2021 to February 2024


Significance of the project

  • To facilitate peer support networks of people-in-recovery (PIRs), share their recovery journeys and organizing self-help and mutual aid activities to fulfil the spirit of ‘Helping people to help themselves’
  • To encourage PIRs to explore their strengths and advantages to build up peer volunteers and fostering their personal growth
  • To promote PIRs in connecting with community and co-constructing a recovery friendly community with different stakeholders.
  • To enhance PIRs’ civic awareness by encouraging their participation and concentration on social affairs
  • To increase the public awareness on holistic wellness, extract the spirit of mutual help and care, as well as caring for others and acceptance of PIRs to achieve a recovery community


Organizer: Richmond Fellowship Community Network

Co-organizerRichmond Fellowship of Hong Kong

Sponsor: The Freemasons





Richmond Fellowship Community Network (RFCN) was established in 2013 by a group of people recovering from mental illness. It aims at developing a mutual support network for people with similar situation and developing their strength, as well as promoting mental health and inclusive society by public education and experience sharing. The Freemason has started to support RFCN for implementing a three-year self-help organization development plan – ‘Mission CIRCLE’ project in order to build up Peer-led program by people-in-recovery, organizing training program for developing peer volunteers and increasing the public awareness to importance of mental health so as to co-construct a recovery friendly community.



  • To strengthen members’ independence and mutual help spirit
  • To facilitate members in rebuilding strengths and resources to enhance their quality of life
  • To encourage members to actively participate in community affairs and advocacy
  • To promote community mental health and social inclusion


Service Content

RFCN provides a variety of programs and training to the members, which include:

  • Holistic Training;
  • Talk/ Workshop;
  • Peer Cohesiveness Enhancement Program.


Service Target


People in recovery of mental illness.

Affiliate Members:

Family members/caregivers of the aforesaid members.


Application Procedures

  • Fill in the membership form and submit one Photo (Size 33mm X 48mm). You can also have this photo taken at our office.
  • Please submit your completed membership form in-person or via mail. For enquiry, visit our office or contact us via phone call.
  • Copies of your Consultation Appointment Slip, Registration Card for People with Disabilities, or other related documents.


Fees and Charges

Free of charge for the first year. Annual membership fee of HK$20 will be charged in next year.
Training or Peer Cohesiveness Enhancement Program are provided at cost.


Volunteer Recruitment

If you would like to become a volunteer for our services, please fill in the volunteer registration form (, our staff will contact you as soon as possible.



Address:  4/F, No. 394 Shanghai Street, Kowloon
Telephone:  (852) 2388 1920
Fax:  (852) 3417 7145
WhatsApp: (852) 6150 3728