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Heart to Heart Club

Richmond Family Institute (RFI) has been established since 2009, providing education, training and support to family caregivers of people recovering from mental illness, as well as community members. In addition, RFI works hand in hand with Heart to Heart Club to organize various social gatherings and recreational activities, aiming to expand and consolidate the mutual support network among caregivers.



Heart to Heart Club was established in April 2004. It is a family club affiliated to Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong.



To enhance the linkage among families with mental illness.
To cultivate mutual help spirit in which to establish supportive networks among families with mental illness.



To establish mutual help network for the families with mental illness and strengthen the cohesion among themselves.
To enable the families utilizing the community resources for mental health care.


Service Target

Family members and caregivers of service users.


Services Provided

Social gatherings; Mutual support groups; Social and recreational activities; Information sharing.


How to Apply

Applicant can submit the completed form to the staff of our service units. All applications for membership will be decided and approved by RFI.



For further information, please contact the staff of our service units.



The membership is free of charge.
Particular programmes/activities will be charged depends on the arrangement.