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JUSTONE - Mental Health Linking Project

JUSTONE - Mental Health Linking Project is a 24-hour tele-health support service in Hong Kong funded by Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation starting from 1 September 2017. In order to have early prevention, identification and holistic follow up on mental health condition, 24-hours telephone support is provided to people with emotional or mental disturbance and their family members so that early intervention can be done especially to those who have not received any service or treatment. To alleviate the daily pressure of caregivers, peer support network will also be established to strengthen their mental health. To promote public awareness on mental health and the needs of people in recovery as well as their caregivers, volunteer training, community education and advocacy work are organized so that society without stigma and labeling could be created.

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Just One in Link with Hope

3512 2626


Coverage without Boundary

JUSTONE is a tele-health service, which aims at building up an accepting, proactive and protective society by provision of preventive education on mental wellness, early identification of need for intervention and support to persons and caregivers recovering from mental illness.


Proactive and Distance-free Caring

Trained and qualified volunteers equipped with a tailor-made computerized system make phone calls to connect persons and caregivers recovering from mental illness with care and concern.


Keep Connected Round-the-Clock

  • A 24-hour emotional support and mental health consultation hotline.
  • Proactively care and follow-up calls.
  • Crisis and emergency support.
  • Pre-recorded medical follow-up and medication reminders.
  • Caregivers Peer Support.
  • Volunteer Training.
  • Community mental health education programs for general public.



Telephone 3512 2626
Fax 3512 2688 



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