背景 Background情緒輔導員正在輔導少女(Therapist)


We care about
mental health


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背景background即時通24小時精神健康支援服務廣告(Justone advertisement)即時通標誌 (Justone Logo)即時通標語Slogan利民會會徽(RFHK Slogan)
少女跑步01( a girl is running)少女跑步02 ( a girl is running)少女跑步03 ( a girl is running)
少女在海邊看日落(girl with sunset)日落(Sunset)沙灘(beach)
少女喝茶(a girl is drinking tea)盤栽 (background)標題:健康生活型態(Healthy Lifestyle)
小朋友(a kid)一家三口(Family)爸爸(Father)
男孩做體操(a boy is doing exercise)女孩做體操(a girl is doing exercise)背景(background)
背景(background)穿運動裝的男孩(a boy in red sportswear)拿著籃球的男孩(a boy taking a basketball)
老人夫婦在路上行(an old couple walking on the road)老婦人(an elderly female)老年人和孫兒(grandpa and grandson)
情緒輔導員在輔導少女(a  therapist is doing therapy)情緒輔導(Therapy)

Respect, Foresight, Holistic, Knowledge and Profession

We strive to be a leading and innovative community mental health organization committed to users’ participation

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