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On the Job Training Programme for Young People with Disabilities

The Sunnyway project provides various training programmes, ranging from job specific skills to social skills, and the employment follow-up service for people recovering from mental illnesses or people with disabilities, aged between 15 and 29. To cater the developmental needs in young service users, we make use of information technology to provide on-the-job counselling and creative activities, so as to assist teenagers to connect with the society, thus facilitating them to find appropriate jobs matched with their skills and abilities.



OJTY was started in October 2005. It aimed at enhance the employment of young people with disabilities or early signs of mental illness through trainings, placement-tied approach, overcoming their probable barriers to work.



  1. To provide on the job training for enhancing their work-related skills.
  2. To offer pre-employment, work-related and on the job counselling for mobilising their employ abilities.
  3. To encourage the employer for offering job vacancies in employing the users.



  1. To provide comprehensive employment training for users
  2. Vocational assessment
  3. Job interview skills and job-related personal skills training
  4. Job-related skills
  5. Job attachment and job trial placement
  6. Post-placement service
  7. To encourage employers for offering the training placements
  8. To arrange for not more than 3 months job attachment for each user
  9. To offer the hours of job attachment should not less than 24 hours weekly
  10. To encourage the employer for employing the user after the period of job attachment


Job Trial

To encourage employers to employ young people with disabilities, employers will receive a wage subsidy;

The maximum period is not more than 3 months.


Post Placement Service

  1. To offer individual counselling and on the job follow up service for the users;
  2. To establish the self-help and mutual support network for the users.


Target Group

Young people with Disabilities or early signs of mental illness and aged between 15 and 29.


Service Capacity

15 users for each year.


How to Apply

1. The applicant should be

  1. ) motivated to open employment
  2. ) mentally stable, no epidemic and proper self-care ability
  3. ) willing to comply with the users' regulation formulated by the program


2. Application procedure:

  1. ) Applicant can apply the service directly or through the referrer to submit the application form
  2. ) The applicant will be invited for an interview and assessment
  3. ) Results will be informed within 7 working days after the assessment.


Length of Stay

The length of stay in the program is normally 1 year.


Discharge / Withdrawal of Service

User is free to apply for the withdrawal of the program at any stage.
A formal discharge will be arranged for users who sustain in open employment or engage in other suitable services.






Level 1, Block 6, New Jade Garden, 233 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Tel: 2889 3275

Fax: 2889 3121